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Word in focus

чувак  [choo-VAK] (masculine noun) – dude, man, guy

А кто этот чувак? Ты его раньше здесь видел? = Who is that guy? Have you seen him here before?

У тебя что, чувак, совсем крыша поехала? =  Dude, are you nuts?

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хорошо - well (29th May 2011)

хорошо [ha-ra-SHO] (adverb) – well, ok, fine

Женя хорошо играет на гитаре. = Jenya plays the guitar well.

- Как дела? - Хорошо, а у тебя? = How are you? - Fine, and you?

- Я иду домой. - Хорошо. = - I'm going home. - OK.


This is a very important word, as native speakers of Russian use it all the time! When used alone, it doesn't necessarily express strong approval, but can just mean "fine, let's move on".

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