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Word in focus

чувак  [choo-VAK] (masculine noun) – dude, man, guy

А кто этот чувак? Ты его раньше здесь видел? = Who is that guy? Have you seen him here before?

У тебя что, чувак, совсем крыша поехала? =  Dude, are you nuts?

Conversation only


The course is aimed at Intermediate to Advanced learners of Russian (not sure what your level is? Test your Russian!

It includes 15 classes and costs 150 USD. A class lasts 45 minutes and takes place once a week. Day / time will be chosen depending on the availbilities of the students who wish to take the course. Your first trial class is free. If you choose to take the course, you'll be required to pay for it before you attend your second class. Payments are processed via Paypal. The course will start in September 2013 if there are enough people who can attend classes at the same time (minimum 2 students per course).

The course is based on a variety of conversational topics and is aimed to help you develop your conversational skllls.


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