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чувак  [choo-VAK] (masculine noun) – dude, man, guy

А кто этот чувак? Ты его раньше здесь видел? = Who is that guy? Have you seen him here before?

У тебя что, чувак, совсем крыша поехала? =  Dude, are you nuts?

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Who is the last person in line (queue)? 

Кто последний? [KTO pas-LED-niy?] - Who is the last person in line (queue)?

Простите, пожалуйста, кто последний к зубному? = Excuse me, who's the last person in line to see the dentist?

Здравствуйте, а кто последний в паспортный отдел? = Hello, who is the last person in line for the passport department?


This phrase is absolutely essential in places where people don't actually stand in line (queue) but wait in a waiting room. This usually happens when you come to see a doctor or an official. If you just try to enter the office you need, other people in the room will get angry, and if you don't say anything, you are unlikely to ever find out if they are waiting to see the same person as you and when your turn is. When you ask the question and someone replies "я", you should say "Я за вами" (= I'll be behind you in line).

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