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чувак  [choo-VAK] (masculine noun) – dude, man, guy

А кто этот чувак? Ты его раньше здесь видел? = Who is that guy? Have you seen him here before?

У тебя что, чувак, совсем крыша поехала? =  Dude, are you nuts?

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I don't hear you well. Could you speak louder, please?

Я вас плохо слышу. Говорите погромче, пожалуйста.  [YA VAS PLO-ha SLY-shu. Ga-va-RI-te pa-GROM-che, pa-ZHA-looy-sta] - I don't hear you well. Could you speak louder, please? (on the phone).

The phrase above is for the situations when you use "вы" with the person you are talking to (a formal situation). If you use "ты" with them (an informal situation), the phrase will sound like:

Я тебя плохо слышу. Говори погромче, пожалуйста.


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Is it possible to say "громкий" instead of "погромче"?

July 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSandra

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