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Word in focus

чувак  [choo-VAK] (masculine noun) – dude, man, guy

А кто этот чувак? Ты его раньше здесь видел? = Who is that guy? Have you seen him here before?

У тебя что, чувак, совсем крыша поехала? =  Dude, are you nuts?


Hello! (on the phone)

Алло!  [aLYO] - Hello! (on the phone)

Алло! Здравствуйте, можно Сергея? = Hello! Could you speak to Sergey, please?


"Алло" is the first thing we say when we call someone on the phone or when we answer the phone. Please, note that it isn't a substitute for a greeting, so you have to add "здравствуйте" to be polite.


Just a moment!

Одну минуту!  [ad-NU mi-NU-tu] - Just a moment! 

 - Здравствуйте, можно Вадима к телефону? = Hello, could I speak to Vadim, please?

- Одну минуту, сейчас я позову его. =Just a moment, I'll get him.


Я уже уходил, когда начальник остановил меня: "Одну минуту, мне нужно с Вами поговорить." = I was already leaving when my boss stopped me, "Just a moment, I need to talk to you."


Synonyms: одну секунду; минуточку; минутку.


Same to you! 

И Вас также! [i VAS TAK-zhe] - Same to you!


- С Новым годом! = Happy New Year!

- И Вас также! = Same to you!


You can use this reply for any holiday, for example, Christmas, Women's Day...


This phrase is used with people that you address "Вы" (formally). If you address someone "ты" (informally), you should say "И тебя также!"






Excuse me, could you do me a favor?

Будьте добры! [BUT'-te dab-RY] - Excuse me; could you (do me a favor); would you be so kind...


- Официант, будьте добры! Счёт, пожалуйста! - Excuse me waiter! Can I have the check, please?

- Будьте добры, передайте Сергею Петровичу, что я его жду. = Could you tell Sergey Petrovich that I'm waiting for him, please?


This phrase is formal. You will only use it with people you don't know, in a formal situation. It's used to attract someone's attention in order to ask them for something.

Literally the phrase means "would you be so kind".



Bless you!

Будьте здоровы!  [BUD'-te zda-RO-vy] - Bless you!


- Апчхи! = Atchoo! (sneezing)

- Будьте здоровы! = Bless you!


When someone has sneezed, it's always polite to say "Будьте здоровы". Some people might think it's rude if you don't say anything.

"Будьте здоровы" literally means "be healthy". You only use it when you address someone "вы" (formal you). If you address someone "ты", you should say "будь здоров" if it's a man, or "будь здорова" if it's a woman.


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